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William and Sara McGee

William and Sara Malone McGee William was born in August of 1837 the 5th of 6 children of William and Margery McGee in County Donegal, Ireland.  William arrived with his mother and siblings in the United States in 1841. Sara’s her parents were born in Ireland, she and her siblings were born in Niagara County.… Continue reading William and Sara McGee

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McGee Family Tree

William (1803-1885) m. Margery McConnell (1806-1864) John M (1827-1905) m. Catherine Gill (1830-1908) William (1856-1926) m. Martha Flynn (1865-1949) Catherine (1858-1919) m. Christopher O’Melia (1858-1914) Mary McGee (1860-1919) Ella McGee (1862-1897) m. William Derrick (1860-1891) Bernard (1831-1864) m. Maria Fitzgerald (1832-) Alice (1861-1864) Nellie (1862-1948) Mary “Mattie” (1863-1939) m. William Donahue Michael (1832-1894) m. Mary Malone… Continue reading McGee Family Tree

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Uncle Emil Part II

The most interesting thing I discovered about my Uncle Emil was that in spite of how many people knew him and how many lives he touched, we didn’t really know anything about his origins  My cousins(along with the rest of us) didn’t know that their father was born in Syria until after his death.  When… Continue reading Uncle Emil Part II